Hounds [ˈhau̇n(d)z] n. slang

  • Individuals who provide freelance and work-for-hire skills; see also: Contractors, mercenaries, runners, or soldiers of fortune.

Usage: They're hounds beggin' for corp table scraps.

Welcome to Co.Balt.

From what once were cities like Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta stretches the homogenous mass known as the Eastern Metropolitan Annex (EMAX). This expanding aggregate of urban sprawl has enveloped the eastern seaboard of the former United States and Canada, and serves as the capital of NATO in 2038. Dirty and scared, this place serves as one of the last refuges of humanity over 40 years after the Cuno Event

At it's hearts sit the Commission of Baltimore (Co.Balt). A special economic zone covering much of the former states of Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia supported by NATO, but controlled by the corporations. Here law and order are fluid, as regulations and morality change with market demand. It is a place where a company ID is worth more than a human life, where gangers and lowlives can find corporate sponsorships, and anything and everything is for sale.

It is here that you find yourselves, a half dozen new hounds looking to make your fortune. Whether you meet your end in a forgotten gutter or reach the ranks of kept companymen, you will find few other places on Earth that offers you the freedom to chase your future and run along this new edge.

Chromed Hounds: Liveware in the Sprawl